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Hearing Centre Keeps Him on his Feet

Cheltenham resident Ian Wood is enjoying being able to take long walks again after his visit to the San’s Hearing and Balance Centre. The 77 year old former engineer suffered with Meniere’s disease, the debilitating condition thought to have also plagued Beethoven, Julius Caesar and

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New paradigms in managing Meniere’s disease

Original article published in the San Doctor Winter 2015 available here. Meniere’s disease is a disorder characterised by disabling attacks of recurrent vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus and aural fullness. Despite having an estimated prevalence of 46-200 per thousand patients1, the etiology remains poorly understood. The

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New Hearing and Balance Centre

Original article published in the San News 2015 available here. Hearing loss, vertigo, snoring and glue ear are just some of the conditions that can be diagnosed, tested and treated in one place thanks to a new Sydney ENT, Hearing and Balance Centre expected to open