Glue Ear Treatment in Sydney

Fluid retention in the ear

After a middle ear infection resolves, fluid may remain in the middle ear, unable to drain naturally through the Eustachian tubes. Sometimes, the fluid remains for months and can become thick and sticky, thus deriving the name glue ear. This can cause hearing loss, which resolves once the ‘glue’ resolves.

If the glue doesn’t resolve naturally, grommets may need to be inserted to prevent complications and speech delay in children.

When back chatting is good…

For West Pennant Hills mum Simone normal cheeky backchat from her 2 year old son Conner was never an issue. But she almost wished it was.

As a health professional Simone was worried that what might look like just good manners could be something else, and an assessment at the San’s Hearing and Balance Centre soon confirmed her fears.

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Glue Ear

Common Childhood Hearing Conditions

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