Nasal Obstruction Treatment

A blockage of the nose or nasal cavity

Nasal obstruction is a blockage of the nose or nasal cavity and can be caused by a wide variety of problems.

There are several common causes of nasal obstruction, including inferior turbinate hypertrophy (swelling of the bony structures in the nose, called turbinates); deviated nasal septum (when the structure separating the nostrils becomes crooked); foreign bodies in the nose; large adenoids (which block the back of the nose); swelling of the lining of the nose due to allergies; choanal atresia (congenital condition which blocks the nasal airway); and pyriform aperture stenosis. Nasal obstruction may also contribute to snoring.
Treatment for this range of nasal obstruction conditions varies from medication to surgical techniques, depending on the condition and its severity.

Nasal Obstruction Check Up by Dr Payal

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