Hearing Centre Keeps Him on his Feet

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Hearing Centre Keeps Him on his Feet

Cheltenham resident Ian Wood is enjoying being able to take long walks again after his visit to the San’s Hearing and Balance Centre. The 77 year old former engineer suffered with Meniere’s disease, the debilitating condition thought to have also plagued Beethoven, Julius Caesar and Marilyn Munroe.

Diagnosed 10 years ago with the condition that caused him to suffer vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss and more recently the onset of serious ‘drop attacks’, nausea and vomiting, led Ian to seek treatment. The San’s Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon Dr Payal Mukherjee ultimately performed a simultaneous Labyrinthectomy and Cochlear Implant operation bringing Ian relief from the vertigo and drop attacks and restoring his hearing loss.

“I have not suffered any drop attacks since the surgery and I am back walking” says Ian. Dr Mukherjee says a great benefit of the Hearing and Balance Centre is that it provides one place of access to all the audiological and balance testing, analysis, advice and treatment that a patient needs. “It’s easier for patients to access everything in one place and even better, difficult decisions can be made in direct consultation with the others involved in a patients care. It also encourages innovation like development of virtual reality software with the University of Sydney, used for balance rehabilitation by physiotherapists and helps audiologists improve clinical data collection.

Equally important, we can collaborate with our international colleagues to help diagnose rare causes of hearing and balance disorders.

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