New Hearing and Balance Centre

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New Hearing and Balance Centre

Original article published in the San News 2015 available here.

Hearing loss, vertigo, snoring and glue ear are just some of the conditions that can be diagnosed, tested and treated in one place thanks to a new Sydney ENT, Hearing and Balance Centre expected to open at the San in November.

With hearing issues costing Australia in excess of $11 billion per annum and affecting more than 70% of the 70 plus aged population, the centre addresses an important need according to Dr Payal Mukherjee who is one of 16 San Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists.

“What I love about what I do is being able to take my patient’s problems from the clinic to the research lab and design new and innovative solutions to improve outcomes for adults and children”, said Dr Mukherjee.

“The results are best when there is collaboration between all the care providers including doctors and allied health staff.

With surgical, audiology, speech pathology, physiotherapy and counselling expertise all on hand here at the new centre, we can provide that.”

At the San, I can be a clinician, an academic and thanks to the clinical school training new doctors, also a teacher. It is incredibly professionally and personally rewarding.”