A/Prof Mukherjee’s thoughts on the ‘back log’ of elective procedures in NSW

A Prof Payal Mukherjee ABC News

23,000 fewer elective surgeries were performed due to COVID-19 related conditions. Watch the ABC News video to hear A/Prof Mukherjee’s thoughts on how we can manage this backlog of elective procedures:


SBS News claims that elective surgery waiting lists may take at least 6 months to clear in NSW. Watch the SBS World News feature to hear A/Prof Mukherjee’s thoughts:


A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald stated: A staggering 10,563 patients were overdue for their elective surgeries on June 30, nearly 20-times the number of overdue patients on the same day in 2019, the latest Bureau of Health Information report shows.

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons NSW Chair Dr Payal Mukherjee said the long-term effect of putting off non-urgent surgeries can now snowball into more serious, chronic and debilitating conditions down the track.

“The healthcare system is managing two health emergencies: the pandemic and the consequences of the pandemic on delayed medical and surgical care for the community,” Dr Mukherjee said.